Ensure your compliance with privacy laws GDPR and HIPAA with nearly zero performance costs

All in one solution

Simple and lightweight platform for database audit to ensure your compliance with privacy laws GDPR and HIPAA with nearly zero performance costs

Audit master users

SEQUI guarantees complete  audit trail amongst all users including sysadmins, DBAs and other master users.

Comfortable installation

SEQUI automatically recognizes first run and sets up your instalation in few simple steps.

Without changes in your system

No need to start new project to adapt your system. Install SEQUI silently and focus on your business.

fall in love with our features

Real time user and data surveillance

Your production server is god and using Sequi that's not going to change. Keeping your production servers tidy is our credo so after audit data is commited to Sequi database it's purged on your production server.

Access your production servers gently

You can tune how Sequi access your production environment. idle time or maximum number of records if we count only two. It's all configurable per audit source which enables maximum flexibility.

Data normalization and enrichment

Sequi architecture follows microservices paradigm. Collector's peer is Updater service responsible for data normalization and enrichment. Different audit sources provides same data with different schema and here is where Updater does the job: prepare data for easy and smart search, filter and further investigation.

Distinct auditor and sysadmin roles

Sequi platfrom is a live computer system hence sysadmin is needed. As oposed to tipical RDBMS Sequi shows only system info to sysadmin like server name, port or list of tables to audit for example. Auditor is the only who has access to actual audit records but don't worry, Sequi audits auditor as well.

Check production configuration

Sequi comes with command line tools and scripts for more complex and customized tasks. To check production configuration you can use specialized command line tool as it's very important to have production environment properly configured.

 Easy to use interface

Rich user interface for sysadmin as for auditor is available. It's common for sysadmin to configure Sequi in set&forget manner so intuitive UI is really appreciated.

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